All the people in me are blah'ed. - Referenced/Paraphrased Nayirrah Waheed

New World. Hi. 

I am starting this blog for 

1) To share this journey of all of me, especially the healing process, physical, mental, spirit|ual. so that as some point when I am at Coachella or the MET Gala or Grammy's or on top of the world, you can reference back to this and "say remember when"

2) To big up the homies I fuck with and that these other blogs might not. (fuck em until they fuck with you, and even then...fuck em but keep a smile). also to introduce da. homeys to my da.homeys. 

3) give ya some affirmations and tips to keep ya going. Maybe some other shit that you didn't know. 

4) and whatever I wants and stuff. 

So here it goes. no. I'm not a blogger. I'm just a rapper, singer when I wanna, poet, creator ass chick that has some shit to say. 


So hi. New World. hi.

Latasha Alcindor