Brooklyn polymath Latasha Alcindor has been working in the New York music and art worlds for a few years now, and B(LA)K. – her first full-length project since 2014 – is what you’d get if the love child of Lil Kim and Lauryn Hill made an experimental, spoken-word rap album. (Plus, it’s a respite from the testosterone-fueled projects that usually fill this round-up.)
— Fact Magazine on Latasha's 2017 album BLAK
The track’s chorus “I glow, fa sho” is an undeniably catchy refrain, whether it’s during a night out with the girls or at the gym
— Refinery29 on Latasha's Glo Up
ailing from New York, Latasha Alcindor embodies the definition of a contemporary hip-hop artist with a story to tell. Today, @Okayplayer premieres L.A.’s newest video for “Ol’ BK Soul” featuring Radamiz, which serves as the sixth video off her newest album, Teen Nite at Empire. In the clip directed by KidzRevil, the rapper is seem traveling through the streets of Brooklyn, documenting all of the nostalgic memories created in her hometown.
— Okayplayer on Latasha's Ol' BK Soul