#LyteWork : Spiritual Journeys with Saera Burns, Health Insurance for the freelancer, Healing and smiley middle fingers.

Art work by @SunSun503


so much to say. 2016 has been the realest year but I am absolutely grateful for the year cause it really forced a lot of us to truly figure ourselves, our visions and approach. the end of the year has been a triggering montage of get your shit together, L.A. And here I am getting my shit together. 

A while back, I felt a few lumps on my lower back and was very terrified not knowing what they were. I did the thing of not worry about it saying they would go away and in November while in Toronto for my AGO performance the pain hit me like a motherfucker.

As a full time self employed freelance artist and musician, I have not had the opportunity to secure health insurance (finally on it and should know by end of the year). Being self employed meant I had to get all my receipts, statements and all that jazz together in expense reports, for dolo. (Shout out to my corporate america jobs teaching me how to do that tho and shouts to google docs for templates). 

Anywho the other part of this whole health insurance bid for artists who urgently need the care is the wait. Like a sitting duck for the last few weeks and contemplating what these lumps can be. Driving myself crazy on WebMD and shit. I decided that I needed to stop and get some spiritual advice. 

I grew up amongst a lot of magical and spiritual women my whole life. I've always believed that what is happening spiritually will manifest itself in the physical. The body is a hub for all the things we store mentally, and emotionally. 

As a Women of Color especially I feel my life I have kind of had to block my traumas so that I can move forward. Kinda always felt like I had to push the things that have hurt me to the side and not truly heal for the sake of my work, art, family, lovers and community etc.  As women we are so very connected with the nature of the world. The pain became real MRI but once again no health insurance. So I decided to seek spiritual advice. 

A good friend of mine, Sun Sun (instagram -@SunSun503) , who actually created the title art work for this piece and is a killer creative, suggested this amazing Spiritual Journey reader, Saera Burns who helped Sun Sun and amazing artist and my boo sister, Ayo LeiLani (@witchprophet) opening some blocks of their own. Love to @88daysoffortune forever and a day.

Skeptical as fuck, for many reasons, It took a minute to hit up Saera. But I did after feeling like I have nothing to lose. Saera lives in Canada and does readings for ppl all over the world remotely. All she asks for is a picture of you. I told her a bit about my lumps and also my wanting to learn more about money. So on Nov 26th, she basically went on a journey in my subconscious. 

She sent me a session recording of the journey and list of dietary points, affirmations and even images of things she seen in my journey. All in all what I learned was that my lumps are in fact manifestation of things I haven't fully pulled through and seeds of potential I was holding on to. What I learned from her reading was that I need to learn to trust myself, have compassion for others and myself, maintain a structure and take in more responsibilities, and forgive myself. I cried after listening to the session because she pointed on so much even with times and my family. SHE EVEN SPOKE SPANISH! and I never told her I spoke Spanish. lmao it was awesome and beautiful and what I needed. 

Hopefully for any of yall who may be going through something I hope my testimony invites you to Saera's work to help you through blocks that can be so deep rooted. 

Here is a link to her website to book your reading : http://www.deepsouljourneys.com/

Heres a FB video I did a few days ago talking about the journey

Latasha Alcindor