Getting Zen as fuck w. Affirmations and millions ways to get it... #LAspeaks

2016 has been a fuckboy get your shit together year for the fuckboys in all of us. If anything I learned this year is less is more, especially with people and also trusting in my wisdom. 

I use to do alot of asking people how they felt about the art and music. But honestly I am finally at reach where none of that matters and its all about how this makes you feel. 

So with that being said here is some shit I started to do and live by to help me in this CULTIVATION.


1. Be grateful. for compliments but also know they hold the same weight as a me...that's not really much. I am super happy when people love the art and are moved by it but I have learned that the best thing to do is just keep doing and realize as soon as someone said some wack shit about you or your art babies, you can push them to the side.  All is love at the end really and if someone can take enough energy to say where you are going wrong, you must be doing something right. TAKE NOTHING PERSONAL! its all love! 


2. If something is not going your way at the present moment, work on something else...if thats not on something...if thats not working take a nap or meditate. lmao. ya brain needs to realign and thats okay. the anxiety wont help ya. 


3. For everything you want... there is a yes... just not always on your time. Never stop asking, never stop reaching out. Don't be annoying rapper/artist tho. make real connections with people and watch how your integrity aligns with your vision. Learned this from a spiritual reader ill post about soon. 


Ok I think thats it. All the pictures were created by the homie Jahmel Reynolds who is an amazing director apart of the amazing film squad The Ren... follow them asap.

and the one piece I'm wearing is from the love of Wue Clothing. follow them too. 




Latasha Alcindor